that’s right. b*wls.

seeing as amanda and i are going up north to oregon next week, i decided that it was a good idea to buy some music.
so over the past week or two, i have bought a good number of records (if you do, in fact, view 6 as a good number).

here’s where i’ve dropped my money:

Rufus Wainwright // Release the Stars – this guy is really good with melodies, and orchestration.  way over my head – at least musically – but i definitely enjoy it.

M.Ward // To Go Home EP – finally someone that has pretty successfully integrated down and dirty acoustic-bayou-blues with indie rock.  its as if Muddy Waters punched Spoon in the face.

Jon Foreman // Fall EP – i have to admit that i was kind of sick of Switchfoot.  i mean, nothing is sound was a great album, but at some point it all sounds like highly produced surf rock to me.  this short little 6 song collection really surprised me.  Jon is an incredible songwriter, and i think you should buy this album.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club // Baby 81 – when i heard their name, i thought for sure that they would sound like ted nugent, boar hunting in mid-summer*.  and i was right to some extent.  but that’s not all that bad.  BRMC is like Jet with bawls**.

Of Montreal // Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer? – tight harmonies, great production, interesting arrangements and perfect for your daily acid trip***.

CASH // American V: A Hundred Highways  – definitely the most heart wrenching of the music i’ve bought.  cash was basically on his death bed the whole way through the recording of this album.  his wife died in the middle of the sessions, and he was in and out of the hospital.  you can hear the age, and the strain in his voice.  the whole record is both beautiful, and heartbreaking at the same time.  listening to ‘God’s Gonna Cut You Down’ give’s me chills.

since i started that Beatles book last night, i’ve also just renewed my love for their White Album.
it’s been a long time since i’ve obsessed over music, and it feels good.

* albeit, i have no idea what this sounds like.  i assume it would be pretty gnarly.

** that’s right.  bawls. 

*** if you’re nodding your head yes: you need help.



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