and here we are.

for me, break (from school) means it’s a time to get my priorities back in line.
and for some reason, that usually starts with cleaning my room. or rather getting sick of seeing how dirty it is. either way it starts there.
next it moves to my hard drive(s).
then my car.
then, about a week into break – after all of this is done – i start to think about things in life that matter.
like Jesus.
and family.
and friends.
and things of that nature.

and here we are.

and i’ve got to start cleaning there now.
in many cases, its not a fun thing.
it’s not fun to actually look at where i am.
because i’m way off (as usual).

my priorities are jacked.

so, i’ve made the executive decision (<– see that… that’s some bonafied corporate lingo right there) to wake up semi-early every day.
and read my bible (i’m on a collision course to try to read the thing cover to cover this year).
and pray.
and drink good coffee (without cream and sugar. thank you. i’m a man).
and run.

because, i know that i’m more productive in the morning.
if you’ve been reading this blog long enough, you’ll know that this whole morning-person thing is fairly new to me.
and, in all reality, i am much more of a morning person.
my day is shot if i wake up past nine.
i can’t focus at all.
but, that IF two sentences above is a pretty big one.
so, i will be forcing myself out of bed in the mornings.
i need time to focus, and breathe before i’m thrust into life.

also, because of a my lovely girlfriend Amanda, my gracious friends Brian and Sammy, and Amanda’s lovely mother, i now have a Nikon D40.
i think i almost passed out when i opened the gift.
i couldn’t have ever guessed that i would own a (real) camera within the next year.
so, i’m pretty sure that i’ll be spending a good portion of the rest of my life learning how to take better pictures.
those will be on here fairly often (because my camera is now a permanent part of my left hand).
expect crappy-photos-that-may-or-may-not-get-better-over-time.

proxart is something that excites me about this year.
sacred way is gaining momentum, and is preparing to take over santa clarita with Jesus, and love.
refocus is still laying low – mainly because i’m handling so much design for sw and proxart that i don’t have enough time to market my business. it will happen with time.

i am praying that Jesus will use this time i have off to affect me in such a deep way that when spring semester does start (and nothing else in my life slows down for it), i’ll be able to keep my head straight, my room clean, and my priorities in line.


{m. ward :: to go home}


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