dear church:

Dear Church (At Large):

i have (what i perceive as) a great idea!
lets all make the secondary the primary!
you don’t understand?
lets make the nonessentials the essentials!
i’ll put it plain and simple for you:

lets make the outward appearance MUCH more important than the heart. lets make things that the bible has no opinion on a big deal. and then (and this is the good part), let’s judge someone’s entire ‘spiritual life’ on those things! haha!

think about it.

it could be a lot of fun.

i mean, when someone says a cuss word, it would give you something to talk to them about. you know, tell them that they need to focus on Jesus a little bit more. if someone even so much as moderately gets near alcohol (when they’re of age of course), we could tell them that Jesus wouldn’t have hung out with drunkards. or that wine back in those days wasn’t made the way it is now; you know, like it didn’t have any alcohol in it, or something. or cigars and smoking even!? i mean, i know the bible doesn’t say anything about that stuff, but smoking is something that people in Hollywood do, and we ALL know that we’re already against Hollywood.

i mean, i think that we could even make a big deal out of what music people listen to. or what films they watch. because we all know that those could poison people’s minds. make them ask questions that even the most spiritual of us don’t have answers to. and we don’t want to look like we have faith in anything. we want to know that everything we believe is totally boxed up. you know: like we understand it all or something.

ok, so i know what you’re thinking. Jesus doesn’t say that we should judge people by these things. He says that we need to love Him and love people. and we need to serve people (inside the church, and out) and avoid unnecessary arguments.

but that’s REALLY boring. don’t you think?

thought so.

Nathan W. Ryan

One Response to “dear church:”
  1. mike says:

    i completely agree. i always thought you were heathens for smoking haha. and what does the w. stand for in nathan w. ryan?

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