proxart was incredible.
very few things in life ever meet my expectations – much less exceed them.
but friday night blew me away.
we, easily, had 50 people crammed in to it’s a grind’s little store for our first event.
it was a great night of poetry, visual art, music, coffee and community.

and, i guess what surprised me most was that many people weren’t there because we had given them a card, or because they had seen our posters. many of them were there because their friends invited them. i mean, it didn’t surprise me that people went because their friends were going, but it did surprise me that people knew about it, and were excited about it enough to invite people.

i’ve been waiting a long time to REALLY feel called to something, (not that i don’t feel called to the other things i’m doing), and proxart seems like home.

so, if you were there on friday:


see you february 22nd.


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