(<— figure that one out homeschoolers!)

today has seemed like the longest day in the history of ever.
right now, i’m on the phone with Wachovia Dealer Services, trying to figure out if they’re going to charge me penalties next month for a car payment that i payed on time.
i started at 6 this morning and worked my first 8 hour shift.
i have decided that i’m not a fan of working with ‘the public’.
at least not from behind a counter.
because if you’re an artist, or you are in a band or something, people expect you to be a jerk.  you know, because you’re talented.
but, if you work behind the counter at starbucks, people expect you to be their coffee *itch (<— figure that one out homeschoolers!).
and i don’t work well that way:

“can i get 1/8 inch more whipping cream in the top of this coffee?”
“did you NOT hear me say THREE splendas?!  you only put 2.8765 splendas in!!”

i want to be talented again.

no, but seriously, this is good for me.
at sacred way we’ve been going through a book called “what jesus demands from the world” by a guy named john piper and it’s been kicking my butt.
before i do almost anything, i think about how jesus interacted with people.  and i think about how i could be the reason someone rejects christ.
and sometimes i almost cry, because i would never want to be that person (though i have been many times i’m sure).

so this whole “not in the limelight” thing is really a good thing.

if you are in the entertainment industry (or you just happen to think highly of yourself), and you would like to really be humbled, don’t ONLY serve the poor… try to serve the rich.

2 Responses to “(<— figure that one out homeschoolers!)”
  1. Brian says:

    *itch -> fitch? mitch? Oh, wait… witch! You’re a coffee witch!

  2. amanda says:

    retard bitch.

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