coffee loves music

in my design class at school we were given our first ‘corporate’ project.
based off of the starbucks/itunes ‘coffee loves music’ campaign we had to create 11×17 posters.
(kinda weird since i just got hired by them to make their coffee.)
our posters had to look like they were part of that campaign:
they had to use the same wording.
they had to use the logos.
they had to use contour drawings.
they had to have warm and fuzzy color schemes.
and they had to be done completely in adobe illustrator.
today we had our critique in class, and i must say that there are A LOT of very talented designers at COC.
i’m gonna try to get some of the flickr addresses and let you see their stuff.
they’re amazing.
i looked on google for the original poster, so you could see that, but i couldn’t find it.
here are 2 of mine:


{beck :: sea change}


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