ron and i are sitting at its a grind right now. like we always do. he’s writing his talk for sunday night. and i’m working on proxart:


proxart is a new thing. see, sacred way is a new church. and the question most new churches ask (in some way or another), is: ‘how do we impact the culture around us, and give people a more accurate view of Christ (since so many people have messed it up… and i’m sure we will too in one way or another)?’

the problem is that santa clarita has very little in terms of culture. i mean, sure, there are tons of artists. but there isn’t an ongoing venue for artists to showcase work. proxart is our response to that. we want to give artists a place to interact. a place to share and build community. a place to showcase their art. so we’re creating space for that to take place in two different locations. twice a month in two locations we’ll be putting on film showings. art/photo/design showcases. poetry readings. open mic nights. and combinations thereof.

conveniently, about 75% of our little church are already artists. they write poetry and sing songs. they paint things. they take pictures. they make films. and people already know them for these things. so we’re not trying to be something we’re not. we’re not ONLY doing this because we think this is what we should do as a church. we’re doing this because these are things we want too. things we think are needed in santa clarita.

if you’re reading this, you live in santa clarita, and you make art, we would love to see your stuff. we’re not in the judging business. so you can say whatever you want (as long as the coffee shop owner allows it…). you can be completely honest. we’re not going to be offended. if you have any questions, feel free to email me at

the site should be up soon. along with more details about who we are, and what we’re doing, and when and where these things will be happening.

thanks for reading.


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