my most morbid post ever.

a new study came out today that says iphones/ipods my kill you/give you cancer.
if my ipod is going to give me cancer, so be it.
i’ll go down happily listening to sufjan, or bob dylan.
i guess dylan would be better music to die to.  he’s a little bit more pessimistic.
but, i’m not sure if i’d want to die in a pessimistic mood.  or even in a contemplative mood.
so, damien rice is out.
U2 is out.  they’re too innovative.
john mayer’s out.  i wouldn’t want to die.  i’d be fighting to hear the end of his solo.
i need something that’s going to let me die, without me knowing i’m dying.
so, it couldn’t be anything like fall out boy or good charlotte.  because that kills me if i even hear it now, and i am very aware that i’m dying.
maybe ryan adams.  or perhaps iron and wine.
or maybe a combination thereof.
so, ryan and wine it is.




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