everyone wants to hug elves, right?

i have decided that if i were to be stranded at the north pole*, and i could only bring a 2 gb ipod nano with my favorite stuff on it, i would bring these 10 artists (in alphabetical order):

1. bob dylan.

2. bright eyes.

3. damien rice

4. john mayer.

5. johnny cash.

6. mute math.

7. radiohead.

8. ryan adams.

9. sufjan stevens.

10. wilco.

what would you put on yours?

*i did not choose to be stranded on a deserted island.  so many people get stranded on deserted islands that there is bound to be someone else on the island i’m deserted on, also carrying some other item thats value is totally subjective (presumably that they’ve blogged about as well).  in this case, i may not need my ipod because the other person stranded might be interesting enough to talk to.  we would probably become friends.  and then i would kill them a few days later so that i could have their subjectively important item to myself.

also, its close to the holidays.  so i picked the north pole, because there’s a chance i could hug elves.  which is everyone’s dream, right? 


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