tales from the bar(ista) – pt. 1

in the past two days of work i have:

– accidentally called a woman a man (and then proceeded to NOT make eye contact through the rest of the transaction).
– watched a family of three occupy a bathroom (together) for about half an hour. they drank their white mochas through straws inside the bathroom as well. i would assume they were all doing cocaine (together).
– not cracked a window.
– made approximately 200 cups of coffee.
– served a green tea frapaccino to someone dressed like a tree.
– seen approximately 10 ‘this is my halloween costume’ t-shirts.
– had approximately 400 nonsense conversations (also known as american conversations) with people i don’t know.
– had to decode exactly what was meant by, “latte decaf grande vanilla foam no foam whipped cream sugar free with add shot.” (some people have NO clue how to order coffee!)
– given approximately 10 people decaf coffee when they wanted/needed regular (because they were jerks).

it’s fun being a barista.


{not blenders}

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