here are the lyrics for the newest song on virb, called typewriter:

Well, I’m lost in the middle of a story
In the middle of a great black sea.
With nothing but a typewriter
sinking words
into a blank charade
Slipping words into your coffee
And lies into your story

I’m a prince
I’m a pauper
I’m nothing

If you think I’m lost
In the middle of your story
In the middle between you and me
You couldn’t be more wrong sir

You couldn’t be a prince
You couldn’t be a pauper
You couldn’t be what I think

Well, now I know I’ve found you
Now I think I understand it all
It’s not to be understood at all
It’s just to be.

There is no prince
There is no pauper.
There is everything in between.
they’re not done. so expect another draft (and another version of the song on virb) sometime this week.


One Response to “typewriter.”
  1. Brian says:

    I’ll be listening.

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