what is:


did you say $27.98? because, if you did, you should be right. but tonight, you’re wrong.
tonight it looked a little more like this:

if you’ve been following the story, you’ll know that i’m not in too good of a financial state right now. as of this point in time, i’m adhering to a very strict $60 a week budget (+$20 for gas), and i’m still not sure if that’s gonna hold me over until i’m actually making money (which should be pretty soon, but that’s for another blog). we’ll see.

ANYWAY, tonight was nice for amanda and i. we got to go out on a date, and everything was free. we didn’t pay for dinner, and we didn’t pay to see jack skellington in all of his 3-dimensional glory. we just got to hang out, laugh, and talk about the differences between my coffee shop job, and her coffee shop job.

i only have jesus to thank… oh, and my dad for winning the dinner coupons at a charity raffle… and me for finding the tickets in my desk as i was cleaning it this morning; so what was that?

thank you me.
thank you dad.
but mostly, thank you jesus.


{bob dylan :: modern times}

One Response to “math.”
  1. Brian says:

    That’s really nice 🙂
    I’m glad you two had a wonderful time.
    So glad.

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