i think it would be a lie for me to even hint that i’m not extremely stressed right now.
there’s just something about living in America, and not knowing where the money for your car payment, and your gas, and your food is going to come from.
i mean, i make a mean frappacinno and all, but i only get to make them for like 10 hours a week.  and sadly, in this day and age, $78 a week doesn’t quite cut it.
i’m  so excited about everything that’s going on in my life though; what with the church plant and the company and stuff.  but i can’t get beyond the monetary aspect of things.
i’ve been reading a lot lately about people living ‘radical and counter-cultural lives’ for Christ, and such, but somehow i don’t think that what i’m doing counts as that.
i’m just worried about where my money is going to come from.
again, i LOVE everything i’m doing.  but i’m scared.
sorry for the extremely repetitive blog post.  but this is exactly what’s been going through my head for a week now.


{holy, holy, holy :: sufjan stevens}


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