cul-de-sac lounge.

today i played some songs at the cul-de-sac lounge at college of the canyons in santa clarita, and there was a hippie doing yoga in front of me.

do you know how difficult it is to try and remember your lyrics when you’re thinking, “that’s not natural…”?

it was actually a really cool event. there weren’t too many people there, but it was nice to finally play some of my new songs in front of people.  you know, to try them out in the daylight. they were received pretty well. it was encouraging.

after my set, the guys that played before me (devin and matthew – who had a rad beard) asked me to play the song volcano by damien rice with them. so, i went on stage and fumbled through the words for a little while. i don’t think i ever got them right. but matthew playing the mandolin made up for the lack of wordage. it was rad.

hopefully i’ll get a chance to play some more music with them.

it was a lot of fun.



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