to which he replied, “for pat boone’s christmas album cover.”

it’s been a weird couple of days.  well, maybe not weird, but certainly random.

on tuesday, amanda and i got invited to a fancy, 400-dollar-a-plate, charity dinner, put on by Zoe Children’s Homes, that we wouldn’t have to pay for.  so, naturally, we went.  Zoe is an awesome organization that takes deals specifically with the issue of human trafficking.  the sex trade.  Zoe takes children, who would otherwise be sold into prostitution, and gives them a home where they are educated, cared for and most importantly, they are shown the love of Christ.  it was awesome to get to go and hear about the cool things they are doing over in Asia, and elsewhere.

ANYWAY, all that to say: amanda and i won 450 tools.  that’s right.  four hundred and fifty.  through out the night they gave away random prizes, and i must say that other than the vacuum and the UPS gift card (in the same basket), we won the most random of them all.  i’ll post a picture soon.  because it’s A LOT of tools.

on to the second random thing:

working with brad grose means i get to work on some pretty cool stuff.  last week we finalized the bluray, director’s cut for ‘sin city’ and the week before that we finalized the bluray, and hd dvd covers for ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 3.  so, we’re working on some pretty big stuff.  but today when i went down, brad handed me a sweater, and a striped shirt, and said, “here, scan these for me.”

and so i said, “whatever for brad?”

to which he replied, “for pat boone’s christmas album cover.”

 to which he replied, “for pat boone’s christmas album cover.”

i don’t think i need to say any more than that.


{in a metal mood: no more mr. nice guy :: pat boone}

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