This morning Amanda called me to wake me up at 6:15 am.  She did this because I asked her to.  Although, now I’m not sure why I did.  Because there wasn’t a snowball’s chance in Hell that I would actually get up that early.  So I went back to sleep.  Until 10 am.  Then I woke up to the sound of my mom yelling at Millie, our beagle puppy, telling her to stop barking (which she never does).

I proceeded to walk to the kitchen to find out whether or not I would be having my root canal this afternoon.  After I fell on my face, on my birthday, my front tooth has hurt.  Well, at least for the first week.  Now it doesn’t hurt much at all.  Only every once and a while.  And since insurance is being weird and they said they couldn’t guarantee coverage until a month after the surgery, I decided that it would be worth it to get a second opinion, rather than ending up having to pay a grand for a surgery I didn’t really need.  I didn’t have to get the root canal.

Right now, I’m sitting in a really cool little cafe, called Krust, in downtown Burbank waiting for Brad to come back from a meeting with his new attorney.  It’s 2:33, and he was supposed to be back at 1.  I’m assuming that this means he is either having a really good meeting, or he got in a pretty spectacular car accident.

Brad’s pretty cool.  He’s the guy responsible for the DVD covers for movies such as:
Pirates of the Caribbean I, II, and III.
Pearl Harbor
The Chronicles of Narnia
The Walt Disney Legacy Collection

He also drives a real Jeep that was used in World War II and a Volkswagen Van that was made sometime in the 70’s.  So, that’s pretty cool.

Brad’s been kind enough to let me come down once a week, on Friday’s, and work in his studio.  My company, Refocus Design, is getting off to a very slow start (intentionally) and I’m excited that I get the chance to come and bat ideas off of someone who really knows the industry.

Right now, I’m working on promo material, and stuff for my own company (and a few other companies), while also handling all the promo (and music) for Sacred Way, working at Starbucks, and trying to retain my musical creativity.  So, Fridays are really my only ‘design’ days.  Other than the nights that I stay up until 3 am.  But those don’t count.  Because when I wake up the next day I can’t feel.

And if you follow my blogs, you would know that this whole ‘feeling’ thing is relatively new to me.


{ambient noise at Krust}


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