planting a church, while transitioning out of another (“more established”) church is like cutting off your arm, and then praying to God that you will grow a new one.

tonight was our one month anniversary at Sacred Way Church, here in the lovely santa clarita valley, and it was a pleasant surprise.  aside from missing a few of our core people *tear*, we actually had about 5 new people show up *smile*.  it’s been interesting to see how the numbers fluctuate.  i mean, because at this point its very noticeable from any vantage point.

i think that we had about 16 the first week.

then we had like 10 the second week.

then 7 the third week (this is when you panic).

and then tonight we had around 30 (counting children… they weren’t around for the first 3 weeks)!

it was definitely an encouragement to all of us that have been pouring ourselves into sacred way for the past couple of months.

i mean, it’s not about the numbers, but it is.  because numbers = people who need to know jesus.  and we want many numbers to know jesus.

that’s the goal.

more than people liking the songs i sing.  or the style of ron’s preaching.  or the atmosphere of the room.

we just want people to learn to know and love jesus; and then in turn to know and love people.

is it a new concept?  nope.

do we care?  nope.

that’s our goal and our mission.

we want people to meet jesus.  that’s all.  so, if you’re the praying kind, feel free to toss one up for us.  or come visit us.

we would love to have you around.


{my fan spinning}

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