lessons learned this week:

1. if you happen to find yourself at PF Changs, and you happen to spill soy sauce all over your table, you might just get your dinner for free.

2. if you miss more than 3 times in your black and white photo160 class, your grade will drop.

3. if you preface your job interview at starbucks by telling them that you’re sick, and you don’t normally suck as much as you do now, you increase your chances of getting the job.

4. if you hit your face on the back of a chair, you might have to get a root canal.

5. campbells makes horrible chicken noodle soup, but they make very good tomato soup (for on the go at least).

6. asians are awesome.

7. i am 31% geek.

8. being sick is a great excuse to not do anything.


{iron & wine :: the shepherd’s dog}

2 Responses to “31%”
  1. amanda says:

    oh my gosh i’m 46% geek.

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