20 years.

well, today begins the 20th year of my existence and i must say that i’ve had quite the rude awakening. if this is any indication of my the rest of my adulthood, i wanna die. haha.

this morning i had to pay bank of america $30 in fees for an account that doesn’t even exist anymore. well, as far as i knew it didn’t exist. if you have bank of america, it should be noted that if you ever, at any time, cancel your account, it still exists (in another universe) for another 6 months. meaning, that from the date you cancel your account, if you make any transactions anytime (or if an automatic online transaction that you forgot about goes through) within the next 6 months, your account automatically opens again and you’re automatically in the negative. so, i had to pay them 30 bucks for nothing. *this was happy birthday to me #1*

then, i was hanging out at its a grind with Ron and i needed to make a phone call. so i stood up, and began to climb up and over the ledge next to the fireplace. my leg then decided that he didn’t feel like working at this particular moment in time, and so he didn’t. and i fell. my knee went into the top of my computer (thank God it was closed) and my lip went into the top corner of the wooden chair that my computer was sitting on. hence:

*this was happy birthday #2*

then, after i had iced down my lip, and had gained my equilibrium back, i walked over to find that i had bent the casing on the front of my macbook pro. yay! i mean, its nothing huge, but it’s enough to piss me off. the computer still works like normal, but just knowing that the little latch in the front is jacked doesn’t make me happy. *this was happy birthday #3*

so, overall i’ve had a good day (if busting your lip, your computer, and your bank account can be considered good). if it continues like this, maybe i’ll be a paraplegic by the end of the day!

i’m scared to drive.

happy birthday to me!

3 Responses to “20 years.”
  1. happy burrfday man. and that sucks about your computer…

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