aaaaaaaaaaoooooooooooooohhhhh. -or- i hate bank of america. -or- thanks chris martin.

tonight, chris martin and i had a conversation. he didn’t know it, but we did.

i went to burbank this afternoon with timmy, and i contemplated buying a book, but i didn’t. thank god. because when i got home, i had two overdraft notices from bank of america, telling me that i owed them a grand total of 100 bucks. see, this would make sense to me if i hadn’t cancelled my account 2 months ago. but i did cancel my account two months ago, which means that they really just cleared all the money from my account. they didn’t cancel it.

knowing this made me… not happy. so, i did what every self respecting young man should do. i went and told my mom. after she calmed me down (as she tends to do), i went in my room and acted ‘not-so-christian’ (as i usually tend to do, after she calms me down).

and just when i was reaching the point of no return, chris martin said to me (melodically), ‘nobody said it was easy.’

to which i responded, ‘well, yes they did chris. in fact, they lied to me.’

and then he said it again, ‘nobody said it was easy.’

and i said, ‘you’re not listening to me. they lied to me.’

and then he said, ‘no one ever said it would be this hard.’

and then i agreed with him. i said, ‘you’re right chris.’

then chris said, ‘aaaaaaoooooooooooooohhhhhh(falsetto!)!’

and i said, thanks chris.


{coldplay :: a rush of blood to the head}

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