thank you johnny cash.

thank you johnny cash, for nailing my recent thoughts on the head.

“i was talking to a friend of mine about this the other day: that country life as i knew it might really be a thing of the past and when music people today, performers and fans alike, talk about being ‘country,’ they don’t mean they know or even care about the land and the life it sustains and regulates. they’re talking more about choices- a way to look, a group to belong to, a kind of music to call their own. which begs a question: is there anything behind the symbols of modern ‘country,’ or are the symbols themselves the whole story? are the hats, the boots, the pickup trucks, and the honky-tonking poses all that’s left of a disintegrating culture? back in arkansas, a way of life produced a certain kind of music. does a certain kind of music now produce a way of life? maybe that’s alright. i don’t know.”

– Cash // The Autobiography

i don’t know either johnny.

i just don’t know.


{sufjan stevens :: the avalanche – outtakes and extras from the illinoise album}


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