you’re only worth as much as your degree.

this week, while sitting at it’s a grind, i ran into an old friend.

we began talking, and since he too is involved in vocational ministry, we talked about churches and church health, and whatnot. during the conversation i told him that i was going to school for graphic design, and would be getting my AA through COC and then, hopefully, turning in a good enough portfolio to get into either CalArts or ArtCenter Pasadena, all while working at Sacred Way. to this he responded: ‘well, remember, if you want to find a good job doing ministry at a church, you’re only worth as much as your degree.’ and then my stomach hurt. a lot. i’m pretty sure that it was either the garlic mahi i had eaten earlier that day, or it was what this guy just said. i’m pretty sure it’s the latter.

to me, that whole idea sucks the passion out of God’s calling to be a pastor. if i ever have to fly out to a church in georgia (or anywhere else for that matter) to have an interview with a pastor, so that he can determine whether i have the proper credentials for any kind ministry, i’ll probably throw up my mahi. i’d much rather struggle trying to get a ministry off the ground because Jesus gave me a heart for the people of a certain community, than get hired at ANY church, of ANY size, for ANY amount of money because i had the right degree.

i’m sorry, but that makes me sick.

thoughts anyone?


sounds – sting :: ten summoner’s tale

One Response to “you’re only worth as much as your degree.”
  1. bohemianprose says:

    It’s sad but true and yes it sucks many churches are worldy and only look at degree’s. Thank God He thinks outside their box your idea of struggling seem in keeping with truth. And I am sick of this mantality of prosperity over calling excuse me but there are seven Churches listed in Revelations only one was found faithful ring a bell anyone? I just thought about U2’s song running to stand still hmm interesting “I see seven towers but I only see one way out”

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