you’re right zach! this would be better with pudding!

i normally don’t watch tv.  and when i do, its rarely ever the disney channel.  tonight, however, i took both of those normalcies, told them to go to heck, and i watched the suite life of zach and cody for 2 hours.

and it was totally worth it, because:

a) they wholeheartedly encouraged chick fighting.  not only did the asian chick and the blonde chick fight, the last line of the scene was – and i quote -, ‘you’re right zach!  this would be better with pudding!’

b) they ALSO wholeheartedly encourage midget fights!  whoopee!  i could not believe my luck!  a chick fight and a midget fight (in which the midget hugged the tall man’s leg and bit it while he walked!) in one night!

all of this on a kid’s show!  on disney channel!

my life was NOT wasted tonight!



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