today was interesting.if you didn’t know, progress (my band), decided to go seperate directions this past week. it wasn’t a bad thing. in fact, i think it was a very good thing for everyone, individually. there are just too many things going on in life right now for everyone to make the committment. i had fun while it lasted, but i will undoubtedly continue to learn how to write songs and record them as they happen.

we’ll see what happens with that.

but, all that aside, tonight we had the opportunity to go and jam at a rehearsal studio that just recently opened in santa clarita. the studio, called hubbadaddy’s, is owned by long-time studio drummer kevin cloud and is now open for business. if you’re in a band (or if you’re solo), relatively close to santa clarita, and need to get out of your garage and into a nice creative environment in order to really get things done, hubbadaddy’s would be a good place to check out. they have 3 smaller rooms (that aren’t really small), and the whole upstairs is available for bands who have a little more money and need a little more space. the whole place is great. and the prices aren’t bad. i would highly recommend it.

also, i am now booked to play drums with moi on september 8th.

ANYWAY, here is a pic of timmy playing the blues at hubbadaddy’s.


sounds – radiohead :: hail to the thief

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