so, i was just in TargetTM, feeding consumerism¹, and i overheard this conversation between a father and his (arguably) seventeen year old son:

SON pointing to a pair of shorts in their basket: dad, i don’t want those.
FATHER increduosly: you don’t want the shorts?
SON: right.  i don’t want the shorts.
FATHER: but they’re only $29.99²!  why wouldn’t you want them!?
SON: because i…
FATHER sternly: we’re getting them.  done deal.

my guess is that these shorts are now, presumably, stored away in his dresser, presumably, with the tags still on, presumably, to be worn only once because the kid, presumably, doesn’t like shorts because he has insanely hairy legs.

welcome to america.

where we buy crap because there is no reason NOT to want it.

¹ actually, i was returning an item, so i was, in effect, un-feeding consumerism.
² this is apparently a good price for shorts.  i don’t know about you, but i’ve paid less for guess jeans.

sounds – dave matthews :: some devil and ambient coffee shop noise

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