you had to be there…

some of the things that happened on this trip were too great to NOT say anything about them.  there aren’t too many (because i have a horrible short term memory), and all of them may be a ‘had to be there’ kind of thing, but maybe they’ll be funny.

so, anyway, here they are:

best quote goes to my uncle jack for saying:

“you know what I’d say to those wacky environmentalists?  i’d punch ‘em in the face, that’s what I’d say to ‘em.”

this is not the best quote of the trip because i agree with him (although, some can take environmentalism to a bit of an extreme. but, i guess taking things to their extremity is human nature), but just because i think the quote exemplifies stereotypical, blue collar, ‘conservative’, texas at its best.  i’m not sure if he was entirely serious, but serious or not, bravo, jack. bravo.

most awkward moment (because it’s never a family trip without a few awkward moments) goes to this conversation with my granny at her home:

upon finding an old picture of my sisters and i at my granny’s house, i made the observation that, “i remember that i hated my hair back then.  but more than anything, i really hated that sweater.”

my sister shelby’s eyes suddenly got really big and she mouthed, “granny gave you that sweater.”

suddenly i had to go to the bathroom.
for 20 minutes.
so i did.

most pounds of blue bell ice cream consumed goes to amanda kne for eating approximately 300 pounds of every flavor of blue bell ever made.  ever.  and she ate all of this without gaining any weight.

best meal undoubtedly goes to my uncle wayne.  what can i say?  the man can smoke a mean sausage.  and his smoked chicken wasn’t bad either.

biggest bug bite goes to amanda kne (again), for suffering from a bug bite that had to be 3 to 4 inches in diameter.  i’m lying.  it wasn’t that big.  but it was big.

written on friday evening, the tenth (10th) of august 2007, from Denison, TX, at 10:05 pm.


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