it has come to my attention.

It has come to my attention, over the past 24 hours:

– that if you put an egg on top of an enchilada, it is good.
– that John Lee Hooker can play the blues.
– and so can Muddy Waters.
– that Oklahoma should be considered a third-world country.
– that bold StarbucksTM coffee, from the TargetTM in Sherman, TX, tastes like battery acid.
– that on this trip i’ve read two (2) books by klosterman, chuck. two (2) books by vonnegut, kurt.  one (1)     book by maxwell, john.  one (1) book bystanley, andy.  and one (1) book by piper, john.
– that i have taken over 300 pictures on this trip.
– and i only like about 30 of them.
– that shower-water in Dennison, Texas, smells like poo.

sounds :: poor boy // howlin’ wolf

written on monday evening, the sixth (6th) of august, 2007, from Denison, TX, at 10:40 pm.

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