hymns with rose.

today, amanda and i sat in the back seat of the E-150 so we could watch Amelie.  we did this because Amelie has a sex scene in it, and if my sisters were behind us, they would be able to see it.  and that would be awkward.

after the movie had ended, I began to thumb through an old 1970’s hymn book that my grandma gave me and I’ve now fallen in love with a lot of those old songs.

my favorite one has lyrics that go like this…

sinners Jesus will receive:
sound this word of grace to all who the heavenly pathway leave,
all who linger, all who fall.

sing it o’er and o’er again;
christ receiveth sinful men.
make the message clear and plain:
christ receiveth sinful men.

that about says it all, you know?

then, after I was done reading the hymns, I began to take some cheesy videos on my little panasonic lumix fx-12 so that I could edit them together in imovie.  amanda and I both bought a family pack of iLife ’08, the new 2008 iLife package from apple, and it has a completely revamped version of imovie that looks pretty cool.  so, i want to try it out at some point during the 23 hours we have in the car.

while filming, I put the camera over the headrest of the seat in front of me to film a little bit of my sister lyndsey doing whatever it is she was doing.  and i found out, while reviewing the 10 seconds of digital film, that lyndsey has begun work on a novel about a little girl named rose.

just in case you don’t know, lyndsey is nine (9).  and she’s working on a novel.

ya, a novel.  and she’s serious.  very serious.  in fact, she’s still typing it right now.  the little bit that she let me read today¹ was, surprisingly, very good.  she’s basically taking our family’s trip to texas and writing it through the eyes of a little girl named rose.  my name in the story is tyler².

the only real bad part, is that she’s writing and listening to hannah montana’s new cd.  and, i guess that wouldn’t be a problem, except that she isn’t using headphones.  and i can barely concentrate when music that i like is on.  much less with hannah montana.


¹ at that point in time, she had only written a little bit.
² this is great news to me.  because 5 minutes ago my name was mortimer.  no joke.

written from the backseat of a ford E-150, on the 20 fwy in TX, at 3:02 pm on saturday the 11th of august 2007.


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