someday a nocturnal creature…

editor’s note: i found this post in my ‘drafts’ pile.  its well over a month old.  but it looked done enough to post, and it was lonely.  so here it is.

i’ve been learning a lot about myself lately.

i mean, there are ways that i’ve always seen myself that are not entirely accurate. i mentioned in a previous post (like, a month ago) that i’ve always thought of myself as a night person. and, alas, i am not. i am definitely a morning person. i mean, i’m not a morning person that wakes up right away. and i definitely don’t smile in the morning but i do, somehow, get more done in the morning.

i have also figured out that i do, in fact, like summer. i used to think that summer was the devil. mainly because i live in santa clarita, and its a dry heat. like hell. but, i’ve been enjoying summer this year. i mean, i don’t really like the weather, and i would much rather be wearing jackets in 40 degree weather (which rarely happens in the s.c.), but i like being able to relax by the pool and walk around without a shirt on – by myself, its not my aim to scare little children.

the equation goes like this:

i randomly love mornings.

i randomly love summer.

therefore, in conclusion, i love summer mornings.

i have a feeling that when winter comes around i will resume being a nocturnal creature. some time in november i’ll go into hiding and i won’t leave the house until after 5 pm.

then life will be back to normal.

but now i’m confused as to what ‘normal’ is.

we’ll see.


sounds: rocco deluca and the burden // i trust you to kill me


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