5 minutes.

i was spot on.

originally, i didn’t want to bring my acoustic guitar because i knew that my family would want me to play it the minute i walked through the door.  however, amanda insisted that i take it. so i did.

no more than 5 minutes after walking in the door my grandparents were asking me where my ‘geetar’ was so i could play them some choruses (which is southern for hymns). so, i got the guitar out, played a few chords, and went along with the evening.

overall, it really was a good night. my cousins have grown up a ton. my aunt lorraine is still hyper-conservative (but i love her). my uncle was wearing a pink shirt (rad). my grandparents still fight all the time, and my grandpa is incredibly sarcastic with my grandmother (pretty funny). and they have good peaches sitting out in the kitchen.

so all is good.

and the bed i’m on tonight sure beats the beds from the ‘executive suites’ in carlsbad.

they sucked.



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