The midwest rains a lot. And I like it.

It fits my mood better and I wish that southern California had to deal with it a little more. The cloud formations that come with this kind of weather are also pretty rad.

As I write this, it is 5:18 pm and I’m sitting in the middle-left seat of our Ford E-150, 10 passenger van. Well, it’s not ours. It’s my aunt and uncles. And its a mess now. We just went through our second thunderstorm, on Interstate 40, somewhere in Arizona, about 247 miles from Albuquerque, New Mexico, where we’re planning on staying the night.*

Last Night we stayed at some motel where the rooms looked like train cars, only our room didn’t look like a train car. It was a cabin. And the beds were, I would assume, made out of the same thing as the walls. They were pretty stiff, to say the least.

This morning we went to the Grand Canyon, and it was pretty amazing. An upside to the Grand Canyon is that, unlike last time I saw it, I did not almost fall in. It is so much more ‘grand’ without recovering from a near-death experience.

While browsing a gas station food mart, we casually asked the lady behind the counter if there was a Sonic near (because my mom loves Sonic). Once she said that there was one down the street, she lost a lot of business. We immediately put all of our would-be snacks back on the rack and walked out.

It was funny if you were there. In fact, I’m laughing right now.

There are also a lot of trains and mobile homes.

More to come.

*we did not stay the night in Albuquerque. we stayed the night in Gallup (after getting lost on the freeway a total of 4 times), and the beds were equally as sucky as they were the previous night.

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One Response to “Thunderstorm.”
  1. Brian says:

    I love rain. It sucks that it hasn’t rained here in forever, unless you count what happened a few days ago, but that really wasn’t nothing. I wish it was raining. Or snowing. And cold. Mainly as an excuse to where a jacket. I’m also sick of this heat thing. Or pretty much summer all together.

    I love road trips, but only when something interesting happens. I’ve had a few boring ones lately. I’ve always found it nice to go on a road trip with people where you have to sacrifice and deal with issues along the way (Not to say that yours is. The bad motel bed you mentioned just made me think this). For one, it’s cheap, but I like that it creates a strong memory with the people that you go with. It’s something that you never forget. And it makes you interact more with others, going through issues with them and then later having these things to talk about with others. Plus, it’s always nice to go through some conflict in life. Lets your mind know how to handle different situations. Okay, I am getting way off topic now… You seem like you’re having a great time, unlike what one may get out what I’ve just said. Take care Nate!

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