“why don’t you play us every song you’ve ever heard and/or played?” – or – perusing.

being around famiy is usually enough of a reason for me to leave any sort of musical instrument that i play at home.  especially texas.  because they only see me like once every 3 years.  so, because that’s the case, if they see me and i have a guitar and/or drum set nearby, they say something like “why don’t you play us a song?” – which really means, “why don’t you play us every song you’ve ever heard and/or played?” – and it just gets kinda old.  really fast.

being that i am going to texas next week, my original plan was to leave the guitar behind.  this was kind of troubling though, because i’d like to continue writing while i’m there.  and i can’t really write without a guitar.  i mean, i guess i could, but i’d forget it all before i could pick up any sort of musical instrument.  so, last week, while perusing (v. examining at carefully, or at length) http://www.apple.com, i came upon the Griffin Garageband Guitar Cable.

and it was good.

it solved all my problems (except for the wart on my thumb… that’s still there).  now, i can play my electric guitar in texas and use the excuse of, ” well you won’t be able to hear it because it is too quiet.  i just brought the electric guitar to work on my scales.”  all the while, i can just plug into my mac and play as loud as i want, with as many drummers as i want, with as many effects as i want, and no one will know.



the time that i will spend playing my guitar through my computer.


the time it has taken me to write this blog


no sleep for me.

good night/morning.



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