sacred way [community church]

i’ve mentioned a lot lately that i’m helping plant a church in fair oaks ranch, called sacred way. we’ve been working like crazy lately to get all the liturature and ‘promotion’ material (although, i wouldn’t like to call it promotion) done. so, sacred way now has a website and a myspace. they’re nothing special in terms of graphics, but they’re something right?

go ahead, check us out, and be our friend.

in other news, i like the white stripes now. it took a long time of me telling myself that i didn’t like them, and then finally swallowing my pride to admit it, but its true. i like them. a lot. i think i hated them before because i thought they were too simple. but, i mostly hated them because i had a horrible taste in music back in 8th grade when i first heard of them (i liked crap like smile empty soul and nickleback *shudders*). so, that’s a random sidenote, but its the truth.

progress is playing a cancer benefit show tomorrow in santa clarita. so if you have nothing to do come and check it out. go to our myspace for details.



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