this weeks agenda:

sacred way website

sacred way myspace


sacred way business cards.

with the church plant, and the band its like jump starting two businesses at once.

kinda crazy.

i’ll post up the graphics as i finish them.

my family and i are leaving for texas two weeks from today.

i never thought i would be excited to go to texas.

but i can’t wait.

the ‘vacation’ will be nice.


One Response to “agenda.”
  1. Brian says:

    What better time to look at my friend’s sites on the 8th floor of a Nordstrom while my sister shops.

    Anyways… Sacred Way?

    Can’t wait to see your designs.

    I use to feel that way about Texas. My family would go there every October for two weeks when I was a kid to visit my uncle. Since I haven’t been there in a long time, I wouldn’t mind going back, but honestly, I still face better places that I want to go. Hope you have a ton of fun when you go!

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