‘what inspires you?’

well, the interview went good. although, it is a different experience having a mic stuck in your face while someone asks you questions like… ‘what inspires your music?’… ‘how do you approach your songwriting?’ i guess the hard thing about questions like that for me, is until the question was presented, i had never thought about those processes. so, i think most of my answers sounded like guess-work; and the reason they sounded like guess-work is because they were guess-work. it is not entirely known to me what these processes are, and i’m not sure if i want to figure them out. because spoiling your inspiration, or your craft, isn’t just like spoiling a movie. its like figuring out why it is you don’t die when you sleep. or whether the light stays on inside the refridgerator after you close it. there are just some things that shouldn’t be explained. they lose mystery that way. and, i think that if i lose the mystery as to how i write a song, i’ll lose interest. i mean, not to say that i’ve lost interest in things i understand. like ‘boy meets world’ for instance. i totally get that show. i can say the next line whether i’ve seen the episode, or not. its that predictable. but, i still love it. i guess the fact that its SO predictable is what makes it easy to get addicted to.

see, now i’ve gone full circle. i lose interest in things i understand, and yet the things i understand are often the most endearing. it doesn’t make sense but it makes complete sense.

like chesterton said (and i’m paraphrasing), there’s a sort of twisted logic in our (at times, completely) illogical thinking.

alright. that’s all the philosophy you’ll get out of me for today, wordpress.

i’ll post some nonsense in a minute to make up for this previous (or soon to be previous) thoughtful post.


sounds: coldplay // brothers and sisters ep


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