interview 1/?

leo partible will be interviewing me tomorrow morning for his columns in risen magazine and infuze online magazine.  the interview will be in both written word and podcast format, and it will hopefully be released within the next month (after progress gets two more songs recorded).  we’ll be talking about music, art, faith – and all that other ‘postmodern’ stuff.  when all is said and done the band will have done a series of interviews with him that will be published in both magazines that he works with.  so a big thanks to leo for helping us out.

in other progress related news, we have just booked our first club show in LA.  we’ll be playing at The Gig on melrose, tuesday, august 28th at 8:30 pm.  tickets are 7 bucks so if you’re interested let me know and i’ll get you one.

also, we should have an album up on itunes (or at least through snocap on our myspace) within the next month or so.  as soon as we get our two new songs recorded we’re planning to combine that with the acoustic stuff we’ve got and call it an ep.

woo hoo.

be praying for me.  there’s a lot going on.  what with the band, and a church plant all at once.

thank you all.


currently listening: bright eyes // cassadaga 

2 Responses to “interview 1/?”
  1. Brian says:


    Good luck. Progress is progressing!

  2. Edalene says:

    How’s the interview gg?

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