i could probably do everything better than everybody.

i’m going to ramble a bit, and it may not all make sense, but please bear with me.

i think the problem is that my generation has been taught to question everything. i mean, i guess its not a bad thing to question everything, but i really think that it has it’s negative effects. like critique for example. there isn’t anything that i can think of in my life that i’m not overly critical of. i think if you hung around me enough you would think i hate everything. and i understand people who are critical of the things that they are passionate about, but i’m critical about everything. i’m very cynical. very. i’m also a complainer. and that’s because i know that honestly i could probably do everything better than everybody. that’s not true. but i think that way. i guess i complain because i don’t really know what i want and i think that’s true of my generation. no one knows what they want. there are no absolutes (in many people’s minds) so there’s no right way to think about things, and therefore the grass is ALWAYS greener on the other side. i know one person who’s truly optimistic. his name is scotty perkins. and he’s amazing. i’ll be honest. there are times that he’s so optimistic it freaks me out, but man is it a breath of fresh air. i also don’t trust many authorities in my life. and that’s because they obviously don’t know what they’re talking about. and i obviously do. even though i’ve never experienced the things that they have, nor have i done the research that they have. i mean, all information is slanted one way or another, and i just need to trust the way some people lean. nobody is standing up completely straight in a metaphorical sense. i think i’m going to try to be more optimistic and less of a complainer. and maybe i’ll try to trust people too. i mean, i’ll still question things because its just what i do. its how i’ve grown up. but i just need to be willing to accept answers as they come. and embrace questions, not as a way of tearing others down, but as a way of building myself up, and building others up.

i need to get out more.


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2 Responses to “i could probably do everything better than everybody.”
  1. Brian says:

    Someone once told me “to question, contradict, or analyze something that one loves is an essential part of trying to understand and appreciate it better. Otherwise, one risks demonstrating blind devotion, thoughtless acceptance, and lack of honesty or practicality.”

    But yes, there are certain things that I feel I have to trust (Actually, that I WANT to trust), especially certain people. Honestly, it’s very hard for me to trust a lot of people, but for the ones that I love, I try my best, because without trust, there is no love.

    I think what’s important is to always have an open mind. Definitely embrace other people’s opinions, questions, and answers. It’s not that important to always be right. It’s not that important to have others agree with you. Believe in what you believe in, but again, have an open mind.

    And yeah, I wish I could be more optimistic in life, I really do, but it’s hard when things turn out for the worst for me almost all the time. It’s hard to trust in life.

  2. Brian says:

    So, I’m watching Holes (Great movie BTW. Awesome music and cinematography. Story is great too) and it’s a great example that you can’t always trust authority figures just because they are authority figures.

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