grandma loves my purple blazer.

we played a few of our new songs last weekend at java daves in saugus. it was a lot of fun, even with a raging head cold. i couldn’t hear anything at all because my ears were extremely clogged and i sure as heck couldn’t use my head voice (as exemplified by the first video). but people showed up, we had a good time, and i had an excuse to wear a bright purple blazer*. can life get better?


the mic on the camera isn’t amazing, so there’s some funky stuff going with my guitar tone (it sounds like a have a ton of chorus… which i don’t) but you can hear everything pretty well.

check out the videos.

i hope they provides you with great aural sensation.

*on a side note, one of the highlights of the night for me was when some random grandmother came up to me wearing a shirt that was very similar in shade to my blazer and then proceeded to pinch my cheek and tell me how much she ‘just loved my jacket’. thank jesus for goodwill sale racks.

One Response to “grandma loves my purple blazer.”
  1. Brian says:

    My mom likes your music. As do I. Good stuff.

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