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Currently Reading

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today was a good day despite the fact that i woke up and it felt like a badger was trying to climb out of my body through my esophagus.

i had a meeting with arnold comacho to discuss what will be going on in our student ministries arts department after i go with ron to plant a church (i’ll fill you in on that another time, if there is in fact a ‘you’ reading).

then i bought this book at borders. chuck is a funny guy. sex, drugs and cocoa puffs is his analysis of pop culture and it was written at night right before he would fall asleep. so it contains a lot of things that normal people think about before they fall asleep. things like: ‘reality tv, internet porn, pamela anderson, literary jesus freaks, and the REAL difference between apples and oranges (of which there is none).’

normal things, right?

i mean, who’s not thinking about apples, oranges, and jesus before they go to bed?

i know i am.

should be a fun read.

good night.



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