no photo.

my original idea was to do a photo blog of the last few days while i was in san diego but then i decided that i would just let moments be moments without trying to capture everything in an image, or a blog, or a song.  so i didn’t take out my camera, my computer or my guitar with the hopes that i could just let things happen.

john mayer was incredible.  his song choice was amazing, as was his band, and his mix.  whoever he has as his soundmen really know what they’re doing. the tone he got on his guitars was unbelievable.  he did a new arrangements of vultures, gravity, and belief (and quite a few more), but one of my favorite songs from the night was his cover of ray charles ‘i don’t need no doctor’.  the solo was craaaazy.  the guy can play a guitar.  i promise you, i got some sort of gasm from just listening.

rocco de luca was pretty rad as well.  he’s like jeff buckley meets wilco.

ben folds was cool, but his mix sucked.  there was way too much bass, and not enough vocal.  and i’m all for kind of burying the vocals, but ALL that you could hear was the bass. gotta love the dre cover though.  that was pretty freaking cool.

on wednesday, after john, we went out to coronado island and visited the famous haunted hotel that’s on the island, and just hung out on the beach.  it was a lot of fun.

what wasn’t fun was sitting in traffice for 6 hours.  not cool.  at all.

anyway.  i’m really tired. my band had a 4 hour rehearsal today, so i’m going to stop writing and just hang out now.



sounds:  john mayer // continuum

One Response to “no photo.”
  1. Brian says:

    Glad you had fun 🙂

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