the second coming of hideo nomo.

i went to a dodger game tonight.we had great seats right over the third baseline.the whole thing totally brought me back to the days when i loved baseball.  i felt like a little kid again.  there’s just something about those crazy old men walking up and down the aisles yelling ‘peanuts! get your peanuts!’  and spitting (completely unknowingly) out of one side of their mouth.  and all the people there paying 12 bucks for a large beer… 8 times.  or all of the bros drinking their beers mixed with a monster and talking about dirt bikes (that they don’t really ride) and chicks (that they don’t really know) while yelling at the baseball players (that they’ve never heard of). it’s really quite magical… the nostalgia of it all, i mean.but, i guess the best part of the whole night for me was when they brought out the asian-super-pitcher.  i mean, they had asian music playing, a smoke machine, and crazy lighting (complete with asian writing on the walls) when they brought him out.  you would have thought we were at WWF.  don’t get me wrong, this guy could throw a ball.  it was crazy.  he struck 3 guys right off the bat (no pun intended… well…).  but what got me was how stereotypical it was.  it was like the second coming of hideo nomo.  and he was powerful.and pissed. it was awesome.  in other news, i’m going to see john mayer tomorrow night in san diego.  so that should be pretty cool.  i’m hoping he opens up with belief, because that would be rad.  and no, i’m not gay.  john can play a guitar, and he knows how to write a song.  yes.  better than you.  anyway.i still love you even if you don’t agree.good night.sounds – damien rice :: 9 


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