business as [un]usual.

progress had its first meeting with our manager today and a lot got done. we just laid out our tentative plan for the next year. some reasonable goals and things like that.

tonight we have a meeting with our publicist.

it’s really kind of cool. and by ‘it’ i mean all the stuff that’s happening with the band. we’re in the process of booking a show at the troubadour opening for the cary brothers and vega4 , and we’re building a studio for our convenience, as we plan to record all summer long in between some coffee shop gigs we’ve got going on.

if you are a band, and you need an opening act, or you own/know/have met anyone who owns a venue, and you need bands, we would love to play. really. you can contact us here or you can email me at the address located in the side bar.
the lovely amanda kne and i are starting up a design company called ‘analogue design’ so we’re gearing up for that. we have to buy a lot of crap. i bought a little camera this week, and pretty soon we have to buy a full working version of cs3. because we both have semi-working versions of cs2, but its not all quite there. and, being a design company and all, we’re going to need to have the full versions. thank god for the adobe student discounts! i’ll also need a digital SLR by the end of the summer as well, so if you have any extra money lying around we would greatly appreciate it.

i’m kidding.

but seriously.

so, if you need any photography/design for your band/wedding/bar mitzvah/bah mitzvah/christmas card/business/birthday email me and we’ll work something out.

anyway, that’s just a bit of an update on the business side of things.

we’re all really excited for what’s going on. its definitely going to be a lot of work, but we can’t wait to get started.

we hope to see you at a show, or anywhere for that matter.

thanks for reading!


sounds: memory almost full // paul mccartney.

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