first, i went to hell. then, i bought a camera.

we, at heart of the canyons church, had our men’s retreat this weekend in sunny old blythe california. if you’re not familiar with blythe its about as hot as hell (H – E – double hockey sticks [if jesus doesn’t let you read that kind of language]). only it has a river running through. i’ve come to learn even more that i am not the outdoors type at all. i thourougly enjoy my air conditioning and my AC power, and my wireless internet. so, this weekend while all the other guys were out wakeboarding and stuff, i was playing my guitar, readin and talking to a guy named brad. brad works for disney. in fact, if you own any of the pirates dvd’s or pearl harbor, or pretty much anything that disney has done in the past 5 years you own a piece of brad’s art. he does all the dvd covers. its pretty rad. on saturday night brad and i stayed up talking about how the church (not heart of the canyons specifically, just church in general) has pretty crappy ‘art’. we talked about how ‘christian music’ sounds exactly like mainstream bubblegum pop (or rock), just hopped up on jesus juice. and how any welcome mat at wal mart could have the word jesus, or spirit, or faith, or hope, or love slapped on it, and it would sell completely fine in any christian store.

after this hour long conversation, however, we did however come to the conclusion, that those who write, or sing, or paint, or design for jesus are definitely not in the wrong, so to speak. i don’t think there is a problem creating music or art to edify the church. we should be singing songs that are theologically rich, and we should be creating art that exalts christ.

the problem is that 95% of the time, it sucks. it just flat out blows. i mean, apparently most churches in america think that anyone who has a pc with windows 95, ms word, word art and clip art (can’t forget clip art) is a graphic artist. and anyone with a camera is a photographer. and anyone with a guitar and a voice (though it is not required) is a worship leader. and, more than anything, the people that do have talents in these areas are often sucked into a ‘christian’ vacuum and then they’re lost, and they don’t contribute much at all.

i want christians to contribute art to our church, or any church that i’m involved with for that matter. i want there to be people glorifying jesus through the things that they create. i see nothing wrong with that. i just hate that so much of what comes out of the church is overproduced, copycat crap.

god is creative.

i saw that a lot this weekend in hell while swimming in the colorado river, or swatting bugs, or doing all those other manly things that men do while camping.

because of my trip, i came home and bought a camera.  nothing special.  just something to capture images.  my girlfriends a photographer, and so i’m slowly learning to view life through a lens.  i just hope that any art i happen to create is actually creative.

i’m praying it will be.


sounds: memory almost full // paul mccartney.


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