i’m supposed to be writing a paper, but i keep getting distracted by audiobooks on itunes. books such as ‘god is not great’ by christopher hitchens, ‘letter to a christian nation’ by sam harris, and the ‘god delusion’ by richard dawkins. the thing that’s so interesting to me about these books isn’t so much their topics, as it is the comments, the discussions going on down below in the reviews part of the page. its full on war. atheists hating christians. christians hating atheists. all over the issue of ‘logic’. sure, logic is a big deal. but, i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, when it comes to the logic behind a god there is enough ‘evidence’ to promote both sides. what’s troubling about this whole surge in the obsession with ‘rational thought’ is that there is so much hate.

this alone proves that even if we were to totally eradicate religion from the face of the earth, there would still be hate.

there would still be violence.

there would still be rape.

there would still be homicide.

there would still be poverty.

if atheists (and, believe me, i’m not attacking atheists here, christians are idiots too) can’t be ‘rational’ and ‘loving’ on a message board, then peace is not a real option.

think about it.

is religion the only thing that causes these problems in our world?

c’mon, think rationally here.

i’ve been on mac v. pc boards that are filled with extremely hateful messages. all because someone prefers a different platform on a computer! we’re not divided because of religion (although, it is a huge huge huge issue), we’re divided because we’re human.

our humanity divides us.

our pride divides us.

our selfishness divides us.

religion just happens to be one of the things that we rest our pride and selfishness on. but it could be anything. it could be a macintosh. it could be a musical instrument. it could be our country. it could be our political ideals. it could be anything! but ultimately, our pride and our selfishness rests on ourselves.

we live for ourselves, and only for ourselves.

even our acts of charity are selfish*.

what do you think?


sounds: john mayer // the village sessions

*charity is often done because we want to feel better, to live a better life, to show people how ‘selfless’ we are, to be ‘blessed by god’. this is not a selfless life.


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