i have come to figure out that after all of my years thinking myself a night owl, its not true.

i am a morning person.

i hate mornings, but i must have a cup of coffee and be reading a book by 9:30, or my brain shuts down.  its a weird thing.

case in point:  it is now 10:49 am, and i just had my first cup of coffee.  therefore, i am struggling to write this post.  if i had had my coffee an hour and 19 minutes ago?  oh, i would be completely fine.  but… my graphic design class went long today (darn final critiques) and i couldn’t get out in time.  it was too late.

this summer i am going to try my hardest to be awake at around 8 every morning and at its a grind no later than 9.  you are more than welcome to join me.

thanks for listening to (reading) my pointless bantering.

it really is pointless.


sounds: the roots // the tipping point.

One Response to “non-night-owl.”
  1. Brian says:

    I love mornings, once I can wake up. In fact, I love everything between sunset and sunrise. I HATE the middle of the day, that’s why I tend to sleep through it a lot; so hot, bright, and noisy. Especially noisy. I just love the coolness and peacefulness of the night. I definitely consider myself nocturnal sometimes.

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