taxes in the sky with diamonds.

i am just now coming to terms with how much money life is going to cost.

i mean, the only living expense i really have is a car payment (i know, say it… its nothing really). the government, on the other hand, has so graciously decided to take my money on a quarterly basis. so every 3 months, i have to pay somewhere around 200 bucks to uncle sam. this may not seem like a ton to some of you, but i’m not making much on a monthly basis.

i’m not going to post how much i make, but i can assure you that its not over 800.

i have to try to save money

minus 400 a month from checking to savings.

i have to pay for a car.

minus 250 a month from savings for car.

rise in gas prices.

minus 150 a month for gas.

rise in taxes.

minus 200 every 3 months from savings.

= no savings account and mcdonalds for lunch.

the thing about quarterly taxes is that i won’t end up in the hole like i did this year when i remembered that i actually had to pay them.

well, i won’t be in the hole just once.

i could very well be in the hole four times this year. because right about the time that i save up enough to pay taxes, i’ll have to pay them.

its nice the way that life works out. there’s usually just enough to keep going.

the hole’s not so bad, i guess. because, when you’re in a hole all you can see is the sky (depending on how deep the hole is), so just pray that its a nice day.

hooray for june – payment 2/4.


editors note: i will pay my taxes, and you should pay yours. but i won’t enjoy it, so you don’t have to either. have a nice day.

sounds: wilco. sky blue sky. (yes. it’s that good.)

reading: too many books.


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