what am i going to do?

Today was a long day.

I woke up late (kind of on purpose).

I didn’t get most of my work done for my classes.

I was late turning in my sketchbook in my graphic design class. I was lucky he let me turn it in at all.

I’ve got quite a few big decisions to make in the very near future concerning a car, and a job, and a band.

But luckily, God has gifted humanity with music and people who create it.

When I finally came home from school today my (amazing, incredible, and beautiful) girlfriend, Amanda, brought me the new Wilco album, and suddenly, everything changed.

Wilco is an amazing band, and this new album is an amazing collection of songs.

I would highly recommend that you click the link above and purchase it off of itunes.

Right now.

It’s that good.

I’m serious.



one more thing: there’s also a cd/dvd version available at fine record dealers everywhere.  if you’re patient and you can wait then i would recommend that more.

thanks for reading.

(if anyone is reading)

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