selling my soul… twice.

well, i’m about to sell my soul to a car payment.

my old car worked about as good as an ipod does after it’s been taken for a swim. i mean, my (poop brown) 1990 mazda 929 was a good car for what it was. but after years and years of constant shaking at stoplights, old goldilocks finally kicked the bucket.

so, it looks like i’ll be getting a new 2008 scion xb. and i’m not gonna lie, as much as i hate the idea of a monthly payment, a car that works will be a nice change.

in other news, i’ve been doing a lot of research regarding the whole ‘atheism / christianity’ thing. that whole wiping-of-the-floor-with-cameron-and-comfort debate really sparked my interest in why i believe what i believe again. i went through a huge period of doubting my faith back in my early high school years and i came to the conclusion then that what i believed could be backed up by facts, not just by faith.

granted there is definitely faith involved.

but i mean, if you can show me something of value where faith isn’t involved, i’ll give you 5 bucks (i would make it a higher wager, but i’m broke. so if 5 bucks is worth it to you… go ahead).

i’m heavily researching both sides and i’m coming to the same conclusions i did 4 years ago. and believe me, i’m much more of a skeptic this time around.

anything you’re going to commit your life to should have to be able to pass quite the critique.

and this whole jesus thing is doing just that.

its coming alive.

and its amazing.

reading: the book of acts.

music: Cash. American VI.

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