the other day i cleaned my room.

you can clap if you’d like because that’s a big deal for me.

go ahead. clap.

anyway. now that i’m done patting myself on the back (because there’s no way you clapped for me while you’re all alone at your computer, and there’s less of a chance if you’re in public)…

i found a bunch of old notebooks that i had been writing in about a year and a half ago, and i must say that while about 3/4 of it was crap, there was still about 1/4 of it that wasn’t half bad.

i used to write a lot.

i did the occasional ‘blog’ thing on myspace.

i wrote poetry mostly. which is weird because i don’t know the slightest thing about poetry.

i mean, i guess they were really supposed to be song lyrics – which is also weird, because i don’t know much about song writing… and i knew much less back then than i know now.

all that aside though, its really sad to me that i haven’t been able to write much lately. working in a church can really suck the creativity right out of you. not to mention school.

school just sucks. period.

so, because of those two things i’ve had quite the creative dry spell.

i think that’s what’s been so cool about this blog site and doing graphic design. they’ve made the little hamster in my head get up off his fat rodent arse and start running on the little spinny wheel again (translation… i’m creating again).

over the past few weeks i’ve been writing songs, and writing blogs, and reading a lot. oh, and i’ve been working out. its been great. i mean, i’ve kind of forsaken school… but not too much. so it’s alright. i promise. i’m gonna pass my classes.

check out my band.

we’re writing A LOT of new stuff right now. sometime in june we’re going to try to get up to my uncle’s cabin in big bear to write and record (thank the lord for portable recording studios), so we’ll get full band stuff up on the space soon. the acoustic stuff is just novelty at this point. those songs don’t really sound the same with the band so it’ll be fun to produce the recordings.

alright… that’s enough bantering for the day. i’m in a good mood though, so i may write more later.

we’ll see.

thanks for listening (reading).



sounds: in a safe place (the album leaf)


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