on the road

if there’s one thing that i can honestly say i miss, it is being on the road and playing music. i mean, i love being home and all, but there’s just something about not knowing where you’re going to wake up in the morning (well, maybe you know where you’re going to wake up… but you don’t know what its going to look like).

i’m reading this book by jack kerouac called ‘on the road’ and its proving to be quite the nostalgic trip for me. granted, jack was a little more adventurous than i was, because he was hitchhiking all the way across the US, but either way he’s still waking up in a different place every morning, and eating apple pie and ice cream every night (we ate denny’s virtually every night).

it also doesn’t help that i’ve been watching mute math’s video blogs.

someday i want to go back out.

i want to play music in clubs and bars.

i want to sleep on couches and meet weird people.

i think it would be a lot of fun.


different for sure, but a lot of fun.

currently listening: the beatles – white album


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